Sleepy royal burgh by the sea hosts top arts event

In a surprise move that caught many Fifers unaware, artists from around the Royal Burgh of Kinghorn put some of their recent work on public display.

Overheard among the punters were comments such as: “I had no idea we had so many talented people living here”, and “Oh, you know what? That would look great by the stairs.”

Baffled by the anonymous big blue fire door in the local community centre, many folk had come from as far Kirkcaldy or even Edinburgh and were not to be put off but instead bravely sallied forth into the interior of the building (previously a primary school) and we’re delighted by the sounds of music boxes and astoundingly contemporary visual work.

It’s not too late for you to see these wonders of Fife. The women seen above were saved before they could be carried by the monotype that had so entranced them and revived by refreshments in the café next door. From Monday 1st until Saturday 6th, the artists will continue to bravely display their work from 10am until 4pm at Kinghorn Community Centre.


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