Sending Christmas cards


When you make greetings cards for a living, should you send cards you’ve made or cards you’ve bought?

Having spent the past few months making countless numbers of Christmas cards for retailers (of which the three above are just some of the designs we supply) and as this is our first weekend off in months, we thought we’d sit down and write our seasonal greetings to friends and family when we’re suddenly struck by just that question.

It’s a great dilemna to have (and a great way to get back into blogging having been too busy to do anything but fulfil orders).  We love the cards we make but friends and family have seen our designs either online, in retailers or at the craft fairs where we do our market research.

We also occasionally find cards that we like so much, we buy.  Kinghorn-based artist Catherine Lindow has produced some wonderful cards from the paintings that she’s created of local scenes.  We also have cards designed by more famous artists including the genius pop-up paper artist Robert Sabuda.

We figured that if we send out cards we made, it looks like we haven’t made much effort but then people who know us may be looking for something a little different anyway (like a Christmas greeting in German or Swedish – though if you happen to know anyone who has an umlaut character for letterpress, preferably size 18, please let us know).

This year’s solution has been to randomise the pile of cards.  If you get a card from us that we’ve made, it’s because we thought you’d like it.  If you get a card from us that we didn’t make and you think ‘huh?’, it’s because we’re either supporting local artists or because we just really like the card.

Next year, we plan on making a special range of cards that will be exclusively for family and friends which is what we would have done this year had we not been so busy.  As I said, it’s a great dilemna to have.  Believe it or not, I’ve already begun designing Christmas cards for our 2013 range – with the promise of leading more tutorials and other interesting projects in the coming months, things are looking good already.


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