Pure Gold

The Adana Letterpress has presented a fun learning curve – part frustration, part relief, lots of cleaning and even more moments of ‘Oh wow!’ – and we’ve started to get some great results.  To paraphrase the recently ennobled Jonathan Ives, there’s nothing simple about designing simply.

Influenced by the fairy stories we enjoyed as children, these designs make maximum use of the beautiful Cheltenham typeface when coupled with gold ink.  Two things we discovered in using this metallic ink which we happily pass on to other printers: first, lying the platen absolutely flat, allow the Caslon ink to settle for far longer than the minimum 15 minutes recommended (more like an hour), especially if the room is a little cool, and; second, clean the platen, rollers and typeface as soon as you’re finished if you want to save time later.

These cards are available here or from the stall we’ll be running at the Balcarres Horse Trials, 14 – 17 June


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