Why don’t you write me a letter?

In the midst of the busyness, we hadn’t failed to spot that the Royal Mail has put up the cost of postage.  Again.

One of the great aspects of the rise of internet communication is that the whole business of staying in touch has been made easier… but that’s not necessarily a good thing.  Ask yourself when was the last time you picked up the phone to call a friend.  Bet you found it easier on Facebook and Skype.  I’d also bet that because you can communicate with friends and family more easily, that you put less effort into it.

I still have old letters written by penfriends when I was a kid and perhaps because I don’t receive so many letters now, I also save birthday and Christmas cards.  I’m sure I was never so sentimental when I was younger.

While exploring how to make simple lino-cut patterns, I decided to try my hand at text and it’s not as easy as it looks.  Still, we did end up with a card that is a rallying cry for the old-fashioned letter and the thrill from delayed gratification that is the mystery of wondering who has posted that hand-written envelope that drops through the letterbox.


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